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Don't discount the Dream just yet

Though the HTC Dream is no doubt a rival to the iPhone, we should wait to predict its faults.

Come on, give it a chance. FCC

It's been only a day since the HTC Dream, aka the first Google Android phone, won approval by the Federal Communications Commission. That's why I think it's a little early to start naming reasons why the iPhone is better.

Sure, comparisons between the two devices are obvious, but I'd prefer to wait until I have the Dream in my hands to make my own. Despite the iPhone's success and popularity, it's both possible and acceptable for another cell phone to compete against it.

Here are a few reasons why I'm excited for both the HTC Dream and Google Android. As my CNET colleague Nicole Lee said Monday, actual details remain sketchy, but we still can, ahem, dream.

  • The Dream promises an open platform with Android.
  • Android won't be limited to one manufacturer or (hopefully) just one carrier.
  • Android will operate on multiple devices that will offer varying designs and features.
  • You can bet that the Dream will have basic cell phone features like multimedia messaging, voice dialing, and video recording, all of which are lacking on the iPhone.
  • Google applications galore.

So until the HTC Dream rolls out of T-Mobile's doors, let's keep an open mind. It could be a bomb, or it could go on to be one cool device that shows the iPhone some serious competition. And just for the record, I loathe the term "iPhone killer."