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Don't count out interactive TV

A reader from ABC writes that although interactive TV hasn't delivered on the hype, it will mature into an important form of media over time.


    Don't count out interactive TV

    In response to the May 3 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Interactive TV: The big kludge":

    I agree that interactive TV has not yet delivered on the heady hype of the boom, but I also believe the jury is still out. Would you deny that there are absolutely great things you can do with the Web that you couldn't do before? I doubt you would.

    eBay, Expedia, and are just a few of the many great things the Web has brought us. They're great because they take advantage of the strengths of the Web as a medium that other media can't match.

    Interactive TV must do the same, and we as an industry will do that over time--trust me. It may take longer than we thought, but at some point I believe even you will be convinced.

    Jonathan Bokor
    Director of business development
    ABC Enhanced Television
    New York



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