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Please don't try to charge your phone in a microwave

Too many Americans believe bizarre myths about technology, a new survey shows.

It's OK to let your cell phone charge overnight. No, airport X-ray machines won't wipe the memory on your phone or laptop. And in no way should you try to charge your phone in a microwave. Duh.

But according to a survey conducted by, a site that provides information on choosing an internet provider, many Americans believe those tech myths. Or at least, they're curious enough about them to search for more information. The company compiled a list of myths, surveyed hundreds of Americans about whether they bought into them, and ranked the most-searched tech myth queries, by US state.


Some of the myths are pretty commonly believed to be true. Many states searched "phone in rice," thought to be a common remedy when you drop your phone into water. Even Popular Mechanics recommends it. But other sources. including CNET's own Sharon Profis, say that's not the best idea, and leaving your phone in the open air may work just as well.

Others are flat-out weird. Californians, whatever prank videos you might have watched on YouTube, don't try to microwave your phone. It's just going to wreck it, and it may explode.

New Yorkers, don't feel all smug just because you may own a Mac instead of a PC. Contrary to your most-searched tech myths, Macs can get viruses too.

But Georgians, your myth isn't really a myth at all. Yes, baby monitors can be hacked. Talk about something to cry about.