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Don't bury Sun--yet again

A reader says that people shouldn't write off an established company just because a new one comes along.


Don't bury Sun--yet again

In response to the July 19 column by Ashok Kumar, "Itanium: Sun Microsystems' worst nightmare?":

I respect Kumar's opinions, but they do seem rather pedestrian and shallow this time.

Writing off a company or a technology because another comes along is not hard to do.

However, commenting after having seen how a company might have weathered previous threats puts things into perspective. An excellent example is Scott McNealy's take on all this:

"'I can't tell you how many times we've been written off,' (Scott) said in an interview Thursday during a break from a company meeting in Portland last week. '(Hewlett-Packard) was going to blow us away, then IBM was going to blow us away. Intel was going to blow us away. Windows NT was going to blow us away. (Silicon Graphics) was going to blow us away.'"

I would certainly not jump to conclusions.

Umang Kumar
Nashua, N.H.