Don't blink! New promo for 'The Flash' is here

A quick video tease builds anticipation for this fall's premiere of "The Flash" on the CW Network.

The Flash, faster than a speeding arrow. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

It seems that some of the, um, limelight of Green Arrow is now being shed on The Flash, as evidenced by the recent promo video for the new show he's about to helm on the CW Network.

The video (embedded below), which premiered during the season finale of "Arrow" on Wednesday, looks at first like it's going to be a preview of the archer's next season, with Oliver Queen getting ready to let an arrow fly. But then The Flash comes burning along and...well, you'll just have to watch.

The Flash made his very first TV debut on CBS back in 1990 in a series that was cancelled after one season (kind of super fast, eh?). Hopefully this time, he'll speed to the top of the ratings chart to give superhero-loving fans another show to crush on.

The new Flash, who appeared in two "Arrow" episodes in November, will be portrayed by Grant Gustin, who has most famously played Campbell Price in the 2013 reboot of "90210" as well as Sebastian Smythe in "Glee." He will be joined by John Wesley Shipp who played the speedy superhero back in the 1990 series.

"Shipp will guest star in the pilot in a mystery role, with the part intended to be a recurring guest star in series," said Warner Bros. Television in a statement.

In case you're unfamiliar with The Flash, this description from DC comics should bring you "up to speed":

"Young Barry Allen's life stopped the minute his mother was murdered. The true killer never found, its mystery obsessed Barry, driving him to become a forensic scientist. Consumed by his work, he spent his life chained to his desk, solving every case that flew across it. But when a freak lightning bolt hits a nearby shelf in his lab, Barry receives super-speed, becoming the Flash. Now, he'll race up buildings, across oceans, and around the world to get his man -- while getting introduced to a world so much bigger than his old life of microscopes and cold cases.

Able to run at near light-speeds, his powers provide the ultimate caffeine kick: He can run up buildings, move so swiftly he phases through objects, create sonic booms with the snap of his fingers -- and never needs to order delivery. Despite his speed, Barry can become so obsessed with crime-solving he can still lose track of everything else around him, leaving the fastest man alive constantly running a minute behind."

"The Flash" will be zipping into homes on The CW this October and will air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m., according to Entertainment Weekly. It will lead into the tenth season of "Supernatural" and takes the place of vampire-werewolf saga "The Originals," which will move to Monday nights.

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