Don't blink! Weeping Angel dolls are watching!

Crafter Sherry Shead will give your toys something to worry about with this creepy "Doctor Who" project.

Don't take your eyes off these DIY Weeping Angel dolls...or else. Sherry Shead

Dolls can be lovable friends or horrifying figures staring at you from the dark confines of your bedroom. With a handy "Doctor Who" craft tutorial, you can create the latter in the form of Weeping Angel dolls and add a little terror to your toy box.

Weeping Angels, an ancient alien race of mysterious origin, torment the Doctor and his companions in "Doctor Who" by creeping up on them when they blink. Even worse, if the angels manage to touch someone, the victim is sent far into the past.

When crafter and "Doctor Who" fan Sherry Shead of Longmont, Colo., decided to have a "Love Through Time"-themed wedding in May, she wanted to make Weeping Angel dolls as decorations.

"I found tutorials for things like the Tardis and there was one or two on Weeping Angels," Shead told Crave. "I'm not into Sculpy or into using hot glue as a sculpting medium, so I went off the rails almost immediately and did it my way. I also thought using real feathers on the wings would make them a bit more interesting."

According to Shead's craft tutorial, these Weeping Angel dolls are created using Barbie dolls or other comparable dolls, two cans of primer, two cans of Natural Stone Krylon spray paint, four bags of feathers, a rotary cutter, small, round wooden plaques, 1/4-inch dowels, a spray bottle filled with an Elmer's glue and water mixture, cardboard, an ultra-fine tipped Sharpie pen, less than half a yard of crinkle cotton fabric, and a big bag of hot glue sticks.

Before the dolls are painted, they look like a colorful flash mob. Sherry Shead

The craft takes up to five to six hours (allowing time overnight for drying) over several days to make. However, other than not blinking, the biggest challenge in making these eerie Weeping Angels is patience.

"None of this is hard to do, it's simply a huge time suck, kinda like the Weeping Angels themselves," Shead told Crave. "It took awhile to figure out an efficient way to make the wings using feathers and cardboard. So the biggest challenge is patience. Letting things dry between steps, and putting the effort in to make the wings look full and covered was hard."

The final result is so true to the show that it's hard not to be nervous blinking around them.

"I was terribly pleased at the way they turned out -- kinda raggedy and 'starved' looking is awesome," Shead told Crave. "If you've seen the episodes concerning them they are more raggedy and less pristine when they are hungry. We also got some Tardis Christmas lights as a gift, so now we have enough to do a Christmas tree and one of these is going up as our tree topper! I'm excited about that."

Blink at your own risk when these Weeping Angel dolls are around. Sherry Shead
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