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Don't bet on Lenovo saving Palm

The Chinese PC maker has reportedly emerged as the top candidate to buy ailing Palm, but don't bet your iPhone on it actually coming through.

Lenovo has reportedly emerged as the leading candidate to buy Palm after HTC bowed out, but would the Chinese PC maker really pull the trigger? Logic dictates that Lenovo is an unlikely savior.

Reuters is reporting that Lenovo is in the running for Palm, which is up for sale as it tries to avoid a death spiral. Lenovo emerged as a likely buyer after HTC bowed out of the running. Reuters cites investment bankers who say Lenovo "is looking into" buying Palm. Lenovo would allegedly pay $1.3 billion or so for it.

But here's the problem: anyone who hangs around the tech industry for more than an hour or two realizes investment bankers will tell you anything. After all, these bankers are trying to sell Palm.

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