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Don't be mad at Microsoft

In response to the Aug. 12 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Here we go again":

Your ire is totally misplaced. Yes, it's true that Windows is full of holes, but so is every operating system on the planet. For it to be otherwise would require all software to be built from the ground up by knowledgeable, flawless geniuses, with security as the highest priority. In this world, full of imperfect beings who place a maximum value on money, you won't ever get that. And, no, the so-called open software does no better. (Just replace "money" with "ego" and keep the same level of imperfection!)

In the current "crisis", computer systems are being attacked by a known exploit for which Microsoft published a fix several weeks ago. So, if systems are crashing everywhere, it is due to the confluence of the following factors:

• Evil people like to create worms and viruses to attack computers.

• Stupid people can't even be bothered to apply security patches to their operating system to guard themselves from those attacks.

Blaming the whole thing on Microsoft is not justified.

Richard Burmeister
Fairfield, Iowa