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Don't be a square: Klipsch intros triangular subwoofers

Don't be a square: Klipsch intros triangular subwoofers

Klipsch cites NPD figures ranking the company as "the No. 1 brand ranking position in the subwoofer category." We're not quite sure what that means, but we can vouch for the fact that the company has produced some great subs in the past. Not content to cruise on its reputation, Klipsch has introduced six new subwoofers in its Reference speaker series. The two flagship models, the RT-12d and RT-10d, employ a unique, wedge-shape design: the triangular shape allows for placement in a corner, with the one active driver facing forward while the two passive radiators face their respective parallel walls. A top-mounted control panel offers three equalization modes and five user-selectable presets (including a midnight mode), and Klipsch's Adaptive Room Correction autocalibration system customizes the sub's sound for individual rooms. There's even an IR input for remote control. Both triangular subs are available in a cherry or black wood-veneer finish. The RT-12d ($2,000) utilizes three 12-inch drivers and packs an 800-watt RMS amp, while the RT-10d ($1,600) uses 10-inchers and delivers 700 watts.

The other new subwoofers in Klipsch's Reference line utilize a more conventional square/cube design and front-firing woofers. The RSW-10d ($1,200) sports a 10-inch woofer and the same control panel, equalization modes, and IR input found on its triangular cousins. Rounding out the line are the RW-12d (12-inch woofer, $700), RW-10d (10-inch woofer, $500), and the only model without the top-side control panel and equalization modes: the entry-level RPW-10 (10-inch woofer, $350).

Klipsch Reference Series RT Subwoofers