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Donkey Kong player breaks world record, gets 'unbeatable' score

You can apparently stop trying to beat the high Donkey Kong score now. The highest score that you can possibly attain has been reached.

If Donkey Kong player Wes Copeland is to be believed, the decades-long battle for the title King of Kong, the best Donkey Kong player in the world, is now over.

Either way, though, Copeland's achievement is to be lauded: On Thursday, he broke the world Donkey Kong score record (which he himself set) with a score of 1,218,000. "This will be my last record score... I don't believe I can put up a game any higher than this," he wrote on Facebook.

This is because Copeland, as you will see if you watch the three-hour, 17-minute video above, had a perfect run of the game. He did not lose a single Mario across the game's 22 levels. If there's a way to get a higher score than that, it has yet to be discovered.