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Donkey Kong Country comes to Switch

It will join the classic SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, along with Natsume Championship Wrestling and NES title The Immortal.

The selection of old school games available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers expanded on Wednesday with SNES classic Donkey Kong Country leading the charge. You can also now play Natsume Championship Wrestling and NES game The Immortal.

Donkey Kong Country's pre-rendered 3D graphics look quaint now, but they were absolutely mind-blowing when the game came out in 1994, and David Wise's soundtrack is still a belter. This Rareware game is also quite tough, but you can make life a lot easier using the Switch's sneaky rewind feature.

The game is also on the SNES Classic Edition retro console. Fingers crossed that its two sequels, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (which is fun to say out loud), are added down the line.

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Natsume Championship Wrestling, which hit the SNES in 1994, was adapted from a Japanese wrestling game. It includes "12 outrageous wrestlers" and more than 50 moves.

The Immortal, an isometric adventure game, was developed for the Apple IIGS and ported to the NES in 1990. You play as a wizard and wander through a nasty labyrinth filled with goblins and trolls.

In Japan, the selection of classics being added is slightly different -- 1992's Shin Megami Tensei came to the SNES selection, while 1991's Gun-Dec joined the NES library. You can access the Japanese libraries using your $20-a-year Nintendo Switch Online account, but Shin Megami Tensei is text-heavy and Gun-Dec is available in the non-Japanese library as Vice: Project Doom.

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