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Donate to a 'Second Life' Christmas

A silent auction in the virtual world will produce funds for charity.

'Second Life' users can donate to charity on the 'Second Life' Christmas island through December 31. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

If you're a Second Life user and you're feeling charitable in these last days before Christmas, I've got something you may want to look into.

And that is the appropriately named Second Life Christmas initiative (free Second Life account required to connect). It's an island in the virtual world full of opportunities to donate to various causes, as well as to bid in a silent auction on a number of different items.

Money collected through the program will be donated to the Province Empty Stocking Fund, a charity that helps various organizations in the Canadian province of British Columbia, including several Salvation Army units.

There will also be a silent auction, with various prizes available, including two iPod Touches. And, full disclosure, I have agreed to donate copies of my book on SL entrepreneurship to the silent auction.

Many people think of virtual worlds like Second Life as empty vessels where there is little to do and where participants are only interested in dressing up like furries. But the reality is that SL, at least, is full to brimming with just about every kind of activity you can imagine, including the chance to make a difference during these cold winter months.

So far, SL users have donated more than $400 to the cause. It's not that much, but it's better than nothing. And you could help make that number more impressive.

So, if you're a SL user, I hope you'll take a moment to stop by and help out.