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Donald's favorite things of 2008

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell shows off his favorite portable audio tech of 2008.

Photo of Yamaha Tenori-On.
Click to see a slide show of my favorite portable audio gadgets of 2008. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

As a music technology nerd who makes a living criticizing gadgets, I'm not an easy guy to shop for. You do this work long enough and you get pretty jaded about the tech in your personal life. Still, there's always a handful of gadgets each year that pierce the armor and nuzzle their way into my audio geek heart.

Photo of Ultrasone headphones.
Most headphones are a dime a dozen. Some headphones, however, make your ears feel like they're being hugged by a sonic teddybear. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

A lot of mediocre products spent some time on my desk this year, but some of the gizmos I got to play with really raised the bar on my expectations. In fact, some products (like the Yamaha Tenori-On pictured above) downright blew my mind.

If you're shopping for an audio geek for the holidays, or if you're an equally tech-obsessed audioholic compiling your wish list, here's the portable audio tech that put a smile on my face for 2008. For another take on the year's top portable music gadgets, read Senior Associate Editor Jasmine France's top picks.

Check out Donald's favorite tech of 2008.