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@realDonaldTrump's tweets have altered the political landscape

A year after President Trump's upset win, his politicizing tweets are must-see, whether we want to or not. Here are the highlights.


It's fair to say that President Donald Trump is a highly active tweeter. 

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It's hard to ignore Donald Trump.

Especially his tweets. The president of the United States relies on Twitter to say whatever's on his mind. There's been a tweet for practically every major moment in Trump's term as Tweeter-in-Chief. His tweets dominate 24-hour news cycles and are even considered official statements, according to The White House.

With an "Oh, what did he say now?" flair, Trump uses Twitter to promote new policies like health care and tax reform and to engage with his ultra-conservative base among his nearly 42 million followers.

He also uses Twitter to threaten those he sees as enemies. Nobody's spared, from the #FakeNews media to fellow politicians like GOP senators John McCain and Bob Corker to his one of his favorite targets, Democratic presidential opponent "Crooked Hillary" Clinton (his words).

A year after Trump won the presidency in arguably one of the biggest political upsets in modern history, his use of social media has radically altered the political landscape, said Matthias Luefkens, founder of Twitplomacy, a Switzerland-based social media tracker that's created a list of 890 accounts of international leaders or heads of state.

"What won't he say?" asks Luefkens.

Trump has pushed so many buttons on Twitter he's even provoked basketball star LeBron James to call him a "bum" and "Hamilton" creator Lin Manuel Miranda to tell him "You're going straight to hell."   

"Oftentimes, when people try to evaluate Twitter and Trump, they have a hard time separating the content from the messenger," said Adam Sharp, Twitter's former head of news, government and elections.

Here's a gallery of some of Trump's most politicizing tweets since assuming office: 

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