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Trump supporters lash out at wrong Hamilton Twitter account

The twitter account of Hamilton Theatre in Canada took heat for the action of the cast of "Hamilton: An American Musical."

Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Friday night went to the Broadway show "Hamilton: An American Musical" and was reportedly booed (and applauded) as he entered. After the show, the cast delivered a message to Pence about the need for the new Trump Administration to work on behalf of all Americans.

The next day, President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to call the cast rude and demand they apologize. And then, in a case of mistaken Twitter identity, many angry Americans lashed out at a theater company in Canada, as reported by CBC.

Hamilton Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario, has the handle @HamiltonTheatre while that of the Hamilton Musical is @HamiltonMusical. Trump's supporters didn't bother to check and tag the former in their Twitterstorm of rage.

As Hamilton Theatre company member Riane Leonard told the CBC, "All you need to do is check our profile to see we're not even in the same country."