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Algorithm turns Trump tweets into verse. Sad or covfefe?

After reading a few poems created from the president's tweets, it's probably safe to say the next Walt Whitman isn't inhabiting the White House.


"Roses are red, violets are blue. Also, defund, then repeal!"

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Donald Trump, poet?

A Reddit user created an algorithm that randomly turns the president's tweets into poems, and needless to say, the software has plenty of material to work with.

The poetry generator, called Poet in Chief, takes snippets of separate Trump tweets and weaves them into five-line rhyming verses. Anyone who wants to further deconstruct the literary works can click on each line to see the original tweet.

Redditors have been praising Darby_Crash's "great" and "amazing" creation and sharing lyrical gems since the amateur programmer announced his site a couple of days ago. After pressing the "Generate New Poem" button more times than I should admit to my boss, here are a couple of my own favorites:

We are all rooting for you
Just go and do what you have to do!
Key to its success
The middle east is a mess.
Why did Lance to that interview?

Our country was humiliated.
She is highly overrated!
@GOP really blew it.
Miss Universe = Big hit.
They are very much appreciated. 

Sadly, no covfefe limericks have showed up in my rotation yet.