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Donald Trump peeks at Melania's ballot, caption contest ensues

A photo of the Republican presidential candidate casting his vote alongside his wife prompts the internet to guess what it all means.

Photos of the candidates voting always get circulated on Election Day, and this year was no exception. But an image shown on CNN of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump voting in New York drew special attention. And not for Trump casting his own vote so much as where he appears to be looking. His eyes appear to be drawn to his wife, Melania, casting her own vote next to him, separated by a low barrier.

Twitter users voted the image a solid winner, and naturally had fun with captions.

And the ballot curiosity appears to run in the family, as a similar photo of Trump's son Eric looking over at his wife, Lara, voting began to circulate.

Although some saw a different scandal, uh, afoot.

Pace yourselves, meme-makers. There's sure to be plenty more on tap.

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