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Trump's iPhone reportedly has just one app: Twitter

Commentary: The US president's favorite social network is also the only third-party app on his phone, reports Axios.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

"Spotify? What's that?"

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President Donald Trump doesn't appear to be a man who spreads his technological seed far and wide.

He's mastered social media and insisted that it was the very source of his presidential victory. It's therefore unsurprising to hear that the only third-party app on his iPhone is Twitter.

Axios listed this apparent fact as "one fun thing," in an item about the president's staff attempting to reduce his TV-watching time and curtailing the machine-gun nature of his tweeting.

Lately, it might be working. Trump's tweets have been less frequent and bordered on the demure. For example, this on Wednesday: "Thank you for the warm welcome to Brussels, Belgium this afternoon!"

The more combative Trump might have used Twitter to rail at the 9,000 people who protested his visit. Last year, he described the city as a "hellhole."

Axios reports that Trump's staff are stuffing his schedule with to-dos, so that he doesn't have time to watch TV and see something that would lead to a Twitter binge.

The White House didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Still, some might wonder why the president wouldn't have more than this one third-party app.

Why not have a little Spotify or Apple Music, so that he can find tunes to soothe his sometimes volatile mood? Why not have, say, the CNN app, so he can leave comments whenever it peddles allegedly fake news? And what about a Candy Crush app for dull meetings?

I suspect, though, that for all his staff's efforts, Trump will return to his favored-app ways when he returns to these shores. Twitter is his life force, the lightsaber that he brandishes toward all so that they understand where the force really lies.

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