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Donald Trump lookalike cake bakes up internet humor

You want a piece of me? Twitter users find the candidate's delicious doppelganger a tasty source for jokes.

There's no question that cake, frosting, fondant and royal icing are difficult to work with, even for a true artist. Just ask any parent who's ever attempted to scrawl "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFFY" on a pan of baked goodies at 3 a.m. the night before a party.

But a professional baker put together a cake bust of Donald Trump's head and shoulders, and while Trump's certainly recognizable, something about it. The Republican presidential candidate's cake likeness isn't smiling, his edible eyes look weary, and his skin tone is less than even.

As with Tuesday's earlier meme about Trump peeking at wife Melania's ballot in New York, Twitter users found the cake photo a delicious gift, and #TrumpCake began to trend.

Some chose to caption it.

Others, including comedian Rachel Dratch, found a two-photo comparison the way to go.

Some weren't content to caption the cake, but decided to paste it into different situations.

Naturally, Twitter users cooked up multiple account names relating to the cake, some just retweeting the many memes, others taking the cake's point of view. And why not? Cake/Ice Cream 2020!