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Stephen King, have no fear (from Trump) J.K. Rowling is here

@realdonaldjtrump blocks the horror maven from reading his tweets, but the Harry Potter author swoops in to save the day.

J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling appears to have thwarted US President Donald Trump's attempt to block horror writer Stephen King from seeing Trump's tweets. 

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Leave it to J.K. Rowling to remove a spell cast by US President Donald Trump.

The Harry Potter novelist came to the rescue Tuesday after Trump blocked horror maven Stephen King from reading his tweets. 

"I may have to kill myself," King, a noted Trump critic, jokingly tweeted to his 3.28 million followers.

Not to fear: Rowling, who's often mocked Trump for tweeting in the "third Trumperson," came to King's aid. 

"I still have access. I'll DM them to you," she tweeted, referring to Twitter's Direct Messages function. 

King, who's taken aim at Trump since he won the presidency in November, apparently became the latest member of the #BlockedByTrump club after tweeting Monday about the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, who defended her father during a TV interview.

"If Ivanka Trump had grown up in farm country, like some of us, she'd know her father is reaping exactly what he sowed," King tweeted.

Though some may consider it a badge of honor to be blocked by Trump, The Washington Post reports that others don't appreciate it, including VoteVets, a group that advocates for veterans, military families and supporters. 

Blocked by Trump earlier Tuesday, the organization has said that the president's proposed travel ban, which prohibits travel from six predominately Muslim countries, is unconstitutional and immoral.

Another group, the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, sent a letter (PDF) to Trump last week arguing that blocking Twitter users because of their opinions may be a violation of the First Amendment.

King, however, is taking his blocking in stride.

Though he initially thought the block was a hoax, King tweeted back to Rowling that he's going to be all right -- and that he can always follow Vice President Mike Pence instead. 

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