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Domino's wants to deliver pizza by reindeer

Hungry customers in northern Japan may get their pies with a side of living reindeer.

A mock-up image of a reindeer delivering pizza.

Domino's Japan

Domino's is never one to shy away from a weird pizza delivery marketing stunt.

The restaurant chain's Japanese arm isn't pushing drones, though. It's thinking about strapping delivery containers onto trained reindeer. "Yes, seriously, this isn't a hoax," according to RocketNews24.

Reindeer may by best known for their mythological role in helping Santa Claus deliver gifts all over the world on Christmas, but I think most adults would be much more thrilled with actual reindeer delivering real pizza.

Domino's is attempting to train the reindeer in the snowy city of Ishikari in northern Japan. Photos show animal trainers trying to balance a thermal pizza container on a reindeer's back. A second image shows a more practical sled design, but this still leaves a lot of questions about whether on not Domino's will be able to pull off this odd concept.

As far as pizza-related publicity stunts go, this is an amusing one and perhaps not as far-fetched as it sounds. Reindeer have long been used as draft animals. It doesn't really matter to the reindeer if it's pulling a sled full of presents or a sled full of pizzas.

Domino's intends to update customers on its reindeer delivery plans later this week.


Somebody get those Domino's workers some warm coats.

Domino's Japan