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Check out these weird back-to-school breakfast contraptions (Tomorrow Daily 234)

Ashley and Khail discuss their favorite PAX Prime 2015 moments and a brilliant breakfast partnership between an eccentric inventor and cereal maker Kellogg's.

It's the last day of August, and we're back from PAX in Seattle, Washington, with a recap of our time at the convention. Khail enjoyed the parties and the people (particularly the cosplayers) the most, while Ashley spends a good bit of time explaining the HTC Vive demos she tried out over the weekend. Overall, the show was a great success with some really fun exhibitors and events adding up to a fabulous time.

There's a man who's a bit eccentric and enjoys creating whimsical contraptions that look like they came straight out of a child's imagination. His name is Dominic Wilcox, and Kellogg's (the cereal maker) enjoyed his work so much, it asked him to create some cereal-centric devices to get everyone in a back-to-school spirit. Wilcox doesn't disappoint, with six designs that jumpstart our imaginations and childlike wonder.

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234: Check out these weird back-to-school breakfast contraptions

Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

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