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Tech Industry

Dogpatch Labs fosters innovation among early startups (video)

Ryan Spoon co-founded Dogpatch Labs as a place where entrepreneurs can interact and share knowledge. SmartPlanet visits Dogpatch's newest office to meet Spoon and hear from some entrepreneurs there.

Much of the investment world is about relationships, says Ryan Spoon, a venture capitalist with Polaris Ventures and co-founder of Dogpatch Labs.

Dogpatch Labs was founded in 2008 as a place where early-stage startups could innovate. Entrepreneurs share work space, but more importantly it's a place where they can interact with each other and share knowledge, says Spoon.

There are no contracts or commitments for the startups participating in Dogpatch. The upside from an investment perspective is that Polaris gets a first look at startups early on. SmartPlanet visited Dogpatch Labs in Palo Alto, Calif., its newest office, to hear from some of the entrepreneurs there.

This video originally appeared on SmartPlanet with the headline "Early stage startups find home at Dogpatch Labs."

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