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Dog tags and LAN bags for the PC gamer

Cyber Snipa produces computer accessories specifically for PC gamers, including gadgety Dog Tags and keyboard-hauling LAN bags.

Cyber Snipa Dog Tags
Not recommended for actual military use.

PC gaming still remains a staple of the modern geek. Even though Wiimotes and gamepads are fun, you just can't beat a mouse and keyboard in a straight-up multiplayer shooter. Cyber Snipa makes gaming accessories specifically for PC gamers. The company makes your usual variety of mice and keyboards, but it does offer two pretty unique products for the geek in you.

They'll do little to actually identify you, but the Cyber Snipa Dog Tags are still a pretty useful bit of kit. Instead of showing your name and blood type like military dog tags, these geek-minded tags contain tools and other useful features. One tag holds a tiny set of pliers, a bottle opener, phillips head and slotted screwdrivers, a nail file, and an LED flashlight. The other tag holds a USB memory key, available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB flavors. The tags are about half an inch thick, bulkier and heavier than your usual dog tags. Still, they're also a lot more useful for the average PC gamer.

Cyber Snipa LAN Bag
The front pocket unfolds into a keyboard pouch.

Besides the Dog Tags, Cyber Snipa also lists the LAN Bag among its off-beat gamer accessories. Unlike standard backpacks or notebook cases or computer-hauling harnesses, the LAN Bag is built simply to carry your peripherals to LAN partiesor other PC gamer gatherings. Thanks to a nifty fold-out pocket, you can carry your favorite keyboard, mouse, gamepad, and discs to anywhere you think you'll be able to game. It's a neat idea and the fold-out keyboard pocket is quite clever, though it's a bit too small to carry my gaming keyboard of choice, the Razer Tarantula. Still, it's a rather nice gaming satchel, and as a bonus, it gives me the opportunity to use the word "satchel."

Cyber Snipa products can be bought through the company's online store, or at various retail and online channels. You won't find them at Best Buy or Gamestop, but Dell and Amazon both carry the Dog Tags, the LAN Bag, and other Cyber Snipa gadgets. The LAN Bag is available for the suggested retail price of $30, and the Dog Tags can be had for $40 to $150, depending on the size USB key you want.