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This dog sounds just like a Star Wars TIE fighter attack

Geraldine the dog could get a job voicing sound effects for Star Wars movies. Check out her accurate TIE fighter impression.

TIE fighters in Star Wars make very distinct noises when they engage in battles against rebel ships such as the Millennium Falcon. Somebody at Disney and Lucasfilm needs to hire Geraldine the dog to provide sound effects for the next TIE fighter scene. A clever video edit shows how Geraldine's happy baying noises can fill in perfectly for TIE fighter attacks.

YouTube user Andrew Saunders posted the video Tuesday, but it flew into the public eye thanks to its popularity on Reddit.

Geraldine appears to be of the hound-dog persuasion. The video kicks off with her reuniting with her family after a visit to the veterinarian. Her tail wags and she voices her delight as the footage cuts to TIE fighters blasting through space. The battle scenes come from 1977's "Star Wars: Episode IV" when the Imperial forces take on the Millennium Falcon.

Geraldine isn't the only one serving up the aural Star Wars goodies. There was also that door at a convenience store that did a great impersonation of a screaming R2-D2, and those cabinet hinges that did a note-perfect Chewbacca.

The original TIE fighter sound effects are a combination of an elephant call and a car driving on wet pavement. Here's betting Geraldine would do the same work in exchange for a box of Milk-Bones.