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Dog cell phone bags: Cute or just plain ugly?

Proclaim your love for dogs with these cell phone bags.

Add some cute to your cell phone.

Dogs and cell phones may seem like an unlikely combination, but canine lovers with a flair for mobile accessorizing have a way to combine both passions. Perhaps a cell phone purse with pictures of a dog is just the way to go. Cat fans will hate them, of course, but I have to admit that even a dog devotee such as myself is a little torn. I wasn't expecting the pinnacle of cell phone fashion, but I was hoping for something a little more understated.

Current has a selection of four designs for $8.99 each. Available breeds include a Yorkie, a pug, a black Lab and a dachshund. I'm partial to the latter two myself, but I think the rhinestones are a bit much.

Marabou featers anyone? Pepper's Pet Pantry

For $6.95 Pepper's Pet Pantry (say that five times fast) offers this little number with an adorable little beagle on one side. But unless you're Liberace, I think the whole cutesy effect is ruined by the rhinestones and the rather unsightly blue marabou feathers. Wikipedia tells me that a marabou is a type of African stork. Where they get the blue feathers from, I'd rather not think about. Bags with other breeds are available, including Chihuahuas (hello, Paris Hilton).