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Dog buys 5,000 Xbox points

A man gets an e-mail from Microsoft to confirm his purchase of 5,000 Xbox points. Turns out he was in bed without his computer when the points were purchased and his dog had pawed the remote control and ordered them.

Perhaps you are one of those who saves your credit card information on your Xbox remote so you can buy points at the very time your mood demands them. Perhaps you also have a dog. Then this story from Fox News will be important to you.

Greg Strope and Christine Payne of Richmond, Va., were lying in bed one night, when Greg got an e-mail from Microsoft. No, Redmond wasn't wondering if they'd like to buy a slightly used copy of Windows 7. Nor was this a late-night Bing jingle phone karaoke invitation.

Did I mention Greg was in bed? And that Christine was with him and his Xbox wasn't? Oh, and that he didn't check his phone that night? This is relevant information. Because the next morning Greg went downstairs and checked his phone to discover that the e-mail was a thank you from Microsoft for purchasing 5,000 Xbox points. Greg was somewhat flummoxed, as the time of purchase seemed to coincide with the time he was in bed.

Then he espied his Xbox remote. He detected a little spittle. The spittle was not his own, nor that of his beloved, nor even that of his roommate, who had also been in bed at the time. The spittle belonged to Oscar, his dog.

Perhaps Oscar had sudden urges to buy some new game content. Because there was no other explanation as to who had made the Xbox purchase. "The only living creature that could have done it was the dog," he said.

Greg surmised that Oscar had pawed at the remote with such beginner's good fortune that he had successfully spent $62.50.

Greg didn't even attempt to persuade Microsoft there had been a mistake. However, he did tell Fox News: "I just wish they'd make it a little harder to purchase points."

Oh, Greg. Retail doesn't work that way. It's there to make purchasing easier. Try sending Oscar to your local 7/11 and see what he comes back with.