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Does your phone need a vibrating wristband?

We don't think so

I4U News

Being of the knee-jerk variety here at Crave, we usually don't have much trouble deciding if something sounds like a good or bad idea. This is one of the exceptions.

The "BlueQ" Bluetooth wristband is supposed to vibrate when you're getting a call but can't hear the phone ring, according to I4U News. Got it. Wait--isn't that what the phone's vibrate function is for?

OK, so it could come in handy if you've stowed the phone in a purse or briefcase to avoid dirty looks from fellow patrons at the opera. But in that case, wouldn't a clunky wristband clash with your formal attire? Granted, something like this could be useful when your phone is in the backpack at the movies, but even then we're not sure it's worth $40 if you can just stick the handset in your pocket and set it to vibrate.