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Does "Office 12" equal Office 2007?

The next version of Office has long been known by its code name, Office "12." But the product, which is due out later this year, is drawing closer to getting an official moniker.

Among the names being batted around Redmond is the Office 2007, a move that would continue with recent naming practice at Microsoft to name products that come out late in the year using the following year in the name. Office 2003, for example, debuted in October 2002.

According to enthusiast site, some Microsofties even used the Office 2007 name at the IT Forum in Barcelona. The company also used the name on a Web site for testers that are using the beta version of Office 12, although Microsoft has since taken down that site.

Microsoft, for its part, said that while the 2007 handle is under consideration, the company has "not yet finalized Office "12" product naming or packaging."