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Does Barack Obama already have an iPhone 4S?

It was only announced last night, but Apple products seem to find their way into the hands of the world's most powerful man before launch.

Here's a tip if you fancy getting your hands on an iPhone 4S ahead of the crowd -- become President of the USA. We don't have any proof, but we suspect Barack Obama may well already have his hands on the 4S.

Why do we think this? The commander in chief has revealed he was given an iPad 2 ahead of the official launch. Not only that, Steve Jobs himself gave it to him. It definitely beats queuing for hours in the rain.

Obama revealed his early iPad blag in a recent interview with ABC News, AppleInsider reports. Speaking to George Stephanopoulous, he said, "Steve Jobs actually gave it to me, a little bit early. Yeah, it was cool. I got it directly from him."

This "little bit early" could well have been the dinner in San Francisco in February this year, shortly before the iPad 2 announcement in March. Eric Schmidt of Google and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg were also at the dinner. From the look of things, it wasn't at a Happy Eater.

Last December Obama also spoke about Jobs in very high regard. He said, "We celebrate somebody like a Steve Jobs, who has created two or three different revolutionary products. We expect that person to be rich, and that's a good thing. We want that incentive. That's part of the free market."

Apple announced the iPhone 4S last night, but no iPhone 5, to the disappointment of many. The 4S features an 8-megapixel camera, the same A5 processor as the iPad 2, and Siri, the voice-controlled functionality for searching and setting alarms. It'll also come in a 64GB version, like the iPod touch and iPad.