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Does Android dream of an Acer netbook?

Acer is the first major player to announce a netbook running the Android mobile phone operating system. Cue gratuitous Philip K Dick reference

Acer has announced plans to build netbooks running Google's Android operating system. Android will be an option in the Aspire One line.

There's still only a couple of Android-based phones -- including the T-Mobile G1 and HTC Magic -- but the OS is already on version 1.5 and is adding new features all the time.

Designed for mobile phones, the Linux-based OS nonethless seems like a perfect fit for netbooks: it's lightweight, portable, open source and customisable. The crossover is clear, as Acer has already punted two phones: the dual-SIM Tempo DX900 and the frankly woeful Tempo X960. Having joined the Open Handset Alliance, an Acer Android phone is expected late this year.

To our knowledge, Chinese firm Skytone made the first announcement of an Android-powered netbook, but we've heard whispers that Google slapped Android on a laptop ages ago, just for spits and giggles. Acer is however the first of the major names to come across all Andy.

Although no specs have been announced yet, Acer has revealed that the Android OS will be an option on "the majority" of its netbooks, alongside Windows-based machines. The first Aspire One should arrive in the third quarter of this year.