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Dodocase launches new iPad 3 cases

Expanding its line, Dodocase adds the option for inscriptions and a cut-out hole for the new iPad's back camera.

Dodocase has expanded its line (click to enlarge). Dodocase

Dodocase has updated its popular journal-style cases, modifying the milled bamboo interior tray to accommodate the slight change in depth for the new iPad. The company has also expanded the line, and now has three new models to choose from.

For an extra fee ($9.95), you can also personalize your case with an inscription. Adding a hole for the iPad's back camera will set you back another $4.95.

We've been fans of previous models of this case and should note that while it doesn't fold into a stand like some folio-style cases, you can fold the cover back and put the case in "easel mode" to prop up your iPad for video watching. To keep the case standing in easel mode on superslick surfaces, a Dodocase rep gave us a little tip: "Stand the back edge of the cover on the elastic ribbon by extending underneath the cover." Good to know.

These cases come in a variety of exterior and interior colors, and Dodocase takes pride in the fact that they're all made in America (San Francisco).

Click here for additional details on Dodocase Classic ($59.99).

Click here for additional details on Dodocase Essentials ($69.99).

Click here for additional details on Dodocase Spring/Summer 2012 ($79.99).

The cases come in a wide variety of colors (click to enlarge). Dodocase