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Dodocase for Kindle Fire now available

DodoCase brings it popular book-style case to the Kindle Fire.

The $44.95 Dodocase for Kindle Fire comes in a few colors (on the inside anyway). Dodocase

Want to bind your Kindle Fire into a moleskin-style notebook?

Dodocase, the maker of popular bookish cases for tablets and e-readers, has just released its Dodocase for Kindle Fire, and it's a good one.

I parked our Kindle Fire review sample in the case for a few days and it fits really nicely inside the bamboo "tray" (rubberized corners hold the device in place) and the case is thin yet protective.

Case closed: Looks like a notebook! Dodocase

I've been only featuring Kindle Fire cases that convert into stands (see picks below) for video watching and the Dodocase is designed to fold back to be used as a stand. Indeed, it does, though it slides on smooth surfaces like a Formica desk or a counter and is unable to maintain its easel position. However, it props up on your chest in bed just fine, as well as on anything with a little texture.

Dodcase says its one-piece bamboo tray, carved in San Francisco, "perfectly matches the curvature of your Kindle Fire while providing access to all buttons and ports." And for those who are concerned about the Fire's speakers being covered up, the company adds that the design includes "sound channels to direct audio from the speakers." I can confirm the sound came out fine.

Dodocases don't come cheap and this one retails for $44.95. While it's only available in black, you do get a choice of interior colors.