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Documents: Criminal charges in HP scandal

Read through felony charges California's attorney general filed against Hewlett-Packard's former chairman, four others.

On Oct. 4, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed criminal charges against Hewlett-Packard's former chairman, Patricia Dunn, and four others involved in HP's spying campaign.

The others charged were Kevin Hunsaker, HP's former senior lawyer; Ronald DeLia, a private detective; Joseph DePante, owner of data-brokering company Action Research Group; and Bryan Wagner, a Colorado man believed to have been an employee of Action Research, according to the filing in Santa Clara County Superior Court. Here are Lockyer's court filings.

Criminal filing

Lockyer's criminal complaint cites four felony charges: fraudulent wire communications, wrongful use of computer data, identity theft and conspiracy to commit those three crimes.

Supporting documentation

In a declaration in support of his felony complaints, Lockyer describes a spying tactic known as pretexting.