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'Doctor Who' Weeping Angel string lights will terrify your guests

Don't blink. A light string full of malevolent "Doctor Who" aliens will add a dimension of fear to your next patio party.

Go ahead and blink...if you dare. ThinkGeek

Nothing says "party" like terrifying predatory aliens that want to pluck you out of your timeline and banish you into an alternate era while feeding off the potential energy from your lost lifetime.

The Weeping Angels are one of the most frightening "Doctor Who" villains ever created, much scarier than the green blobby creature that threatened Tom Baker in "The Horror of Fang Rock" in 1977.

Celebrate the fear and pervasive sense of statue paranoia with a set of Weeping Angel string lights available through ThinkGeek for $24.99 (about £16, AU$34).

The Weeping Angels, in case you missed it, are living statues that look innocuous until they uncover their eyes. Only by looking at them can you prevent them attacking you. Blink and they move. And oh yes, they have horrifying fangs. Creepy.

The string of 10 lights features five angels with their eyes covered and five bent on attacking you. Each one lights up inside and can be set to blink, which should cause some confusion if you're trying to time your own blinks to keep the aliens in a quantum lock at a safe distance.

The Doctor once described the Weeping Angels as "the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life form evolution has ever produced." You can mitigate the danger by setting up a series of Weeping Angel dolls to stare at their string-light buddies, forcing them to stay in their harmless stone-statue form.