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'Doctor Who Time Vortex 360' puts you in charge of VR Tardis

Get timey-wimey on your phone.

Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor.


Take a trip through time with "Doctor Who Time Vortex 360", a new 360-degree mobile game.

Grab your mobile device to pilot the Tardis through the time vortex familiar from the BBC show's opening titles. As you zap through the colourful time stream, you dodge obstacles and nip though barriers, as well as grabbing glowing power-ups.

Using your phone, you can look around in all directions -- perhaps ironic given the state of the Doctor's eyesight at the end of this weekend's episode "Oxygen".

The 360-degree view comes in handy when you're barraged by attacks from the past -- in other words, you physically turn around to see stuff coming from behind the Tardis.

The game was built with HTML5 and WebGL using PixiJS v5.0. It materialises from the BBC Taster website, where experimental stuff like VR and other interactive projects are made available for young fans to rate and share. Other projects include 3D binaural sound for "Doctor Who" episode "Knock Knock", a game that takes you into the emergency department from "Casualty", and a 360-degree tour of CERN.

The Doctor is currently played by Peter Capaldi, in his final season in the Tardis.