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Foreboding 'Doctor Who' trailer reveals premiere date

Whovians rejoice! Catch a glimpse of Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor with his companion Clara in this new "Doctor Who" trailer for the Season 8 premiere.

"Doctor Who" returns on August 23 on BBC America with Peter Capaldi as the next incarnation of the Doctor. BBC America

The Tardis returns to TV on August 23 with the feature-length episode entitled "Deep Breath." Actors Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as his confident companion Clara will kick off Season 8 of "Doctor Who."

While fans have already gotten a sneak preview of the Doctor's new dapper outfit, this may be the first glimmer of the Doctor's temperament as he asks Clara in this new teaser trailer a rather loaded question.

"Am I a good man?" the Doctor asks Clara.

"I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore," she replies.

Capaldi's intense glare doesn't bode well for fans who want a happy-go-lucky Time Lord traipsing across the universe in his Tardis, but at least his enemies might think twice before tangling with him again.

According to BBC America, the new season of "Doctor Who" will have quite a few new faces in addition to Capaldi's. Actor Keeley Hawes ("Line of Duty") will play Ms. Delphox, and Samuel Anderson ("Emmerdale") will play school teacher Danny Pink.

"Da Vinci's Demons" star Tom Riley, "MI-5" actor Hermione Norris, "The Armstrong and Miller Show" comedian Ben Miller, "Room 101" host Frank Skinner, and Brit pop singer Foxes will also be making guest appearances in the new season, which debuts on BBC America and BBC One.