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'Doctor Who' meets Dr. Seuss in whimsical drawings

An Australian artist has reimagined the world of BBC's "Doctor Who" through the eyes of Dr. Seuss. It's like "Oh, the Places You'll Go" but for Time Lords.

All thirteen Doctors from BBC's "Doctor Who" get transformed into Dr. Seuss characters. DrFaustusAU

Every Who down in Gallifrey liked freedom a lot, but bad aliens, who lived all over the universe, did NOT!

It apparently was only a matter of time before someone imagined "Doctor Who" in the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss.

An Australian artist using the moniker DrFaustusAU has posted images on his DeviantArt page that Seuss-ify all 13 Doctors in BBC's long-running series. Each Seuss-inspired Doctor captures both the unique attire and personality of each of the 13 Doctors, and there's even a short story to go along with them.

After seeing these images, I actually kind of want them to make a Dr. Seuss version of "Doctor Who." Maybe Steven Moffat will get an idea. An awful idea. Maybe Moffat will get a wonderful, awful idea and make this a reality.

(Via Nerd Approved)

The first of a short three-part Dr. Seuss inspired "Doctor Who" story. DrFaustusAU
Doctors five through war! DrFaustusAU
And finally, Doctors Nine through Twelve (or make it Thirteen). DrFaustusAU