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'Doctor Who' first look shows Jodie Whittaker in costume

Jodie Whittaker's "Doctor Who" outfit incorporates some modern tributes to past Doctors.

Jodie Whittaker's costume as the 13th Doctor contains a few shout-outs to the past.


When we first saw Jodie Whittaker as the new time-traveling alien in "Doctor Who," she was walking through a forest dressed in clothes that would fit with the style of current star Peter Capaldi. On Thursday, the BBC released a first look at her costume and it includes callbacks to previous versions of the role.

The image shows Whittaker standing on a grassy hill with the Tardis in the background. 

Whittaker's costume gives us a lot to ponder. She has a long jacket (hello, David Tennant); high-waisted pants (very Patrick Troughten); suspenders (mighty Matt Smith); and a set of stripes across her shirt that could be a subtle tribute to Tom Baker's iconic long scarf. Taken together, the getup evokes a unique style for the new Doctor.

Whittaker is the 13th Time Lord in the series and the first woman in the iconic role. She will take over the Tardis from Capaldi during the show's annual Christmas special this December.