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'Doctor Who' fans walk '500 miles' in new vid

Recently released video made by the "Doctor Who" cast and crew shows then-star David Tennant and company messing about to The Proclaimers' song, "500 Miles." Now, fans want to keep the "walking" going in their own spin-off vids.


It's no secret "Doctor Who" fans are a dedicated bunch, but these days they're willing to walk 500 miles to be the men (and women) who fall down at the Tardis' door.

It all started with the release of a BBC video last week showing actor David Tennant with the "Doctor Who" cast and crew dancing and lip-syncing to The Proclaimers song "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)." According to the BBC, it was shot as a farewell to the Tennant era before Matt Smith took over as the current Doctor.

While the original video is approaching half a million views, some "Doctor Who" fans want to join in all of the walking. According to The Eleventh Hour fan blog, the call has been issued for Time Lord lovers around the world to take part in the "The 500 Mile Whovian Collab." The end result would be a video of the entire world of Who fandom dancing along to "500 Miles."

Anyone with a few miles in them is asked to upload their version of the video to YouTube and send the link via email to by November 13.