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Creepy old-school Cybermen returning to 'Doctor Who'

The original freaky 1960s Cybermen are back for a modern encore performance in the new season of "Doctor Who."


The BBC teased fans with this shot of Peter Capaldi and the Cybermen.


Lots of money and fancy special effects are all well and good, but some of the most memorable villains ever created for "Doctor Who" came about on a shoestring budget during the show's original run. The Cybermen first appeared in 1966 with William Hartnell as the first Doctor. Now, over 50 years later, those original cyborgs will return for episodes 11 and 12 in Peter Capaldi's last season in the role of the time-traveling alien.

The BBC revealed a first-look image on Monday showing Capaldi facing off with the Cybermen. The humanoid Cybermen originated on Mondas, a twin planet to Earth, and have haunted the long-running series off and on for decades.

The Cybermen have gone through several redesigns over the years, and changed notably during the show's modern revival. The very first Cybermen sported flexible masks and suits, while newer ones have more in common with Iron Man. The round eye holes and soft faces on the originals lend them an unsettling, fresh-from-your-nightmares look.

The BBC notes the Cybermen are Capaldi's "long-time favourite foe," so it makes sense to bring them back for his final run.

The episodes are currently filming. Season 10 begins airing on BBC in mid-April, but we'll have to wait until later in the season to reacquaint ourselves with the classic Cybermen.

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