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'Doctor Who' coming to Paramount London theme park? Allons-y!

The BBC and the London Resort Company have inked a deal that will bring popular BBC shows like "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock" to the Paramount London resort in the UK.

The Doctor and Clara Oswald are expected to save the London Paramount Entertainment Resort from alien destruction in 2020. BBC

Fresh from defeating the Cybermen on the streets of London, The Doctor from BBC's long-running sci-fi series "Doctor Who" could be featured in the proposed Paramount London theme park in the UK.

London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH), the development company behind the forthcoming park, announced that it has signed a development agreement with BBC Worldwide that will bring some of the BBC's most popular franchises to the resort.

Some of the programs expected to be featured include "Top Gear," "Sherlock" and "Doctor Who," though details of which programs will be featured and how they'll be integrated into the park's rides, simulators and interactive experiences will be announced at a later date.

LRCH is thrilled that the BBC has signed onto the theme park, which will fill a 900-acre site and cost some £2 billion ($3.1 billion). The company's director David Testa issued the following statement:

"We are delighted to bring the world's leading public service broadcaster on board this project. The BBC has played an instrumental role in shaping the British entertainment industry for nearly a century, creating some of the most iconic and cherished characters on TV and radio. It seems only right therefore that its programmes will be present at the new London Paramount Entertainment Resort, which will combine the glamour of Hollywood with the best of British culture."

BBC content will be featured alongside some of Hollywood's best, as LRCH also has a deal with Paramount Pictures that lets the resort use the movie maker's popular titles and franchises, which include "Mission: Impossible," "The Godfather" and "Star Trek."

The resort, which will be located on the Swanscombe peninsula in Kent, to the east of London, is expected to open sometime around Easter 2020 to all humans and wannabe Time Lords in this universe and beyond. Don't forget to bring your sonic screwdriver -- you never know what kinds of trouble will be lurking around every corner.

(Via The Guardian)