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Doctor Whir: Remote-control flying Tardis takes to the air

You may not be able to fly around with the Doctor in a real Tardis, but you can take a toy version to the skies with a remote-control flying Tardis copter.

RC Tardis
It can at least travel through the space around you. Underground Toys

"Doctor Who" excitement levels are hitting overload as the long-running series gears up for a big 50th anniversary extravaganza episode that will bring together many of the doctors in one show. I would recommend celebrating the occasion with a remote-control flying Tardis. It's not going to get tangled like a super-long scarf, and it's a lot cheaper than building your own working K-9.

Forget aerodynamics, this is a pretty faithful replica of the Doctor's Tardis in miniature. The handset controller runs on four AA batteries while the Tardis itself is chargeable through USB from the handset. Half an hour of charging time will net you up to seven minutes of flight time.

The Tardis is notoriously unreliable when zipping through time and space and there's no word on whether the flying toy version will have a mind of its own. Don't be surprised it hovers out of your backyard and lands in the neighbor's yard in the year 1953.

The time-chopper from Underground Toys is expected to hit U.S. shores in June, according to the company's Facebook page. Entertainment Earth is taking preorders for $46.99 with a July ship date.

(Via Kasterborous)