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DoCoMo failed to nab iPhone in Japan

Will the iPhone be a big winner in Japan? Softbank certainly wants it to be.

In a surprising admission, giant Japanese mobile phone carrier NTT DoCoMo stated that they tried to get the iPhone but couldn't make it happen.

Speaking after Softbank announced it would carry the device there later this year - the first confirmed 3G iPhone - spokesperson Shuichiro Ichikoshi said: "The iPhone is attractive and appeals to certain Apple fans, so we have made efforts to introduce it but, as you know, Softbank has announced its deal today.

Having spent a lot of time in Japan I'm not convinced that the iPhone will be that big of a hit. There are many reasons, ranging from the unfamiliar interface, to the size, shape and keyboard, but mainly I think the issue is that phones in Japan are used one-handed and the iPhone is really geared to have to use two hands. I know that sounds crazy, but that alone will impact adoption.