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DockBoss+: Plug Android phones into iPhone docks

This handy-dandy cable extends the compatibility of your iPhone, iPod, and iPad accessories to your Android phone or other device. Just one problem: it's $30.

The DockBoss+ makes your Android device compatible with iPhone/iPod/iPad speaker docks and interfaces.
The DockBoss+ makes your Android device compatible with iPhone/iPod/iPad speaker docks and interfaces. CableJive

In my kitchen we have a great Altec Lansing speaker dock that plays host to my iPhone and the kids' iPods. But my wife's Android phone sits quietly on the sidelines, unable to interface with the dock's nonstandard, Apple-only 30-pin connector.

Same goes for the car: there's an iPod/iPhone connector in the glove box, but no interface for anything Android-powered.

Enter the CableJive DockBoss+, a specialized adapter cable that runs from your Android device's Micro-USB port and headphone jack to any 30-pin docking port or cable. It's a potentially killer solution for mating with speaker docks and car connectors alike.

The DockBoss+ isn't limited to Android phones; it can work with just about any device that has a Micro-USB port and headphone jack. Power is delivered to the former; audio, from the latter. In other words, the cable allows you to charge your device while listening to it.

Now for the bad news: the DockBoss+ costs $29.95. That's pretty steep when you consider that most speaker docks have a line-in jack, meaning you can connect any phone or MP3 player using a $3 patch cable. Then just plug in your regular charger and you can enjoy the same benefits afforded by the DockBoss+.

That said, not all Apple connectors (especially those in cars) are as simple to work around. If you've been looking for a way to bring your Android device into your iDevice-accessory fold, this will definitely do the trick.

Your thoughts? Is this kind of convenience worth $30, or do you think that's too high a price to pay for a cable--any cable?