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Do you really care about 4K TVs? (poll)

Ultra high-def is all the rage at CES 2014, but does it even matter for normal humans?

The AX800U series, Panasonic's only 4K introduction at CES, but one of many at the show. Panasonic

Welcome to the land of high-definition diminishing returns, also known as 4K television.

Or at least that's one way of looking at the myriad new ultra-high-definition displays that all the big names and even some lesser-known companies are introducing this week at CES. In case you're out of the loop on what 4K is, it's a display standard that uses roughly 4,000 pixels horizontally across the screen; it has four times the number of pixels of 1080p and double that of a 13-inch MacBook Retina display.

If the hype around those now old-timey-seeming retina displays is true, then only a robot should be able to tell the difference between 2K (Retina-level resolution) and 4K. That begs the big question about all these bleeding-edge panels: why should we care?

Let us know in the poll just how much 4K has piqued your interest.