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Do you know Jack?

What If Widgets' pal Earbud Jack wants to keep your cord in order.

What If Widgets

Meet Jack. Jack hates tangled earphone wires. He's a bit of a neat freak, actually, but that's good news for you. Jack would just love to help you keep your cords free from tricky twists and gnarled knots, if only you would give him a chance. Just throw your earbuds over Jack's shoulders, twist the cable around his neck and feet, stick the plug in his hand, and Jack's a happy camper. Chances are you will be, too, because instead of spending time detangling cords, you can get right to listening to your music. Jack will even hang contentedly from the wire while you rock out. Jack is made by What If Widgets, which is donating 5 percent of every sale to hearing health organizations, so you can give back while getting something in return. If you're interested in starting a relationship with Jack, you can pick him up at places like for $9.