Do we have <i>any</i> idea what we're doing?

Welcome to the first high-speed, high-wire, high-tension broadband blog.

Tech Culture

You tell us. This blog, as much as this package, is an experiment. Throughout much of this year, is highlighting critical technology issues that are playing into electoral politics. Broadband is one of those, and you can see the results here over the next few days. We've spent a lot of time looking at the issues, talking to experts and policymakers, and we're taking an unusual step for us, backing a few policies we think would help broadband expand. More about that Tuesday, when that story goes live.

But this blog is an experiment too. We want this to be an ongoing discussion with people who care about this issue, and--if my e-mail box is any indication--there are a lot of you. So when you read the package, tell us what you think. Post your thoughts here on this blog, or email us and we can respond here on our own. If we're wrong about something, it's good for us to learn something too.

We won't just be writing about the package. As time goes on, our conversation here will be driven in different directions by our own reporting, the twists of the campaigns and the evolving broadband market, and the things you tell us. So: Get those cable modems rumbling, and let's go.

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