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Do Snapchat Spectacles look dumber than Google Glass? (The 3:59, Ep. 112)

We also talk about Hillary Clinton's big selfie moment and where to watch the presidential debate.

Snap Inc.

It's Snap Inc.'s new wearable for Snapchat, but is it fashionable?

On Monday's show, we talk about Snapchat Spectacles as the company jumps from a millennial's beloved messaging platform to its recording sunglasses. How do the lenses look compared to Google Glass?

Also on the podcast, we take a look at everyone turning their backs on Hillary Clinton for selfies, and the difference between watching the debate on Facebook and Twitter. Hint: One has more trolls.

The 3:59 gives you bite-size news and analysis about the top stories of the day, brought to you by the CNET News team in New York and producer Bryan VanGelder.

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Do Snapchat Spectacles look dumber than Google Glass (The 3:59, Ep. 112)


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