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Do more with your Windows Mobile smart phone

Do more with your Windows Mobile smart phone

You may not recognize the name, but Taiwanese company HTC is the mastermind behind some of the biggest Windows Mobile smart phones out there today, such as the Cingular 8125, the T-Mobile SDA, the UTStarcom XV6700, and the Sprint PPC-6700, just to name a few. Well, I was chatting with HTC the other day, and they turned me onto this great little resource: the HTC wiki. This community site lets you chat (registration required) with other HTC device owners and gives you handy tips about your smart phone through how-tos, FAQs, and tips and tricks. There's a basic tutorial about these convergence devices and the Windows Mobile OS for those who are still new to the world of smart phones. The wiki is still under development but definitely worth a look.